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An Inspiring Baseball Movie That Touches All the Bases

As Jackie Robinson was an excellent, multi-faceted baseball player, "42" is an excellent multi-faceted movie. Writer-director Brian Helgeland manages to artfully mix elements of drama, baseball action, humor and romance[!] while telling an important story about recent American history.

I thought it was wise for the film to focus on just a few years of Robinson's career, so that more time could be given to important scenes both on and off the field.

"42" is not called the "Jackie Robinson Story" for a reason. The movie is about more than just one man. The film shows the roles that Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), Robinson's wife Rachel (Nicole Beharie), and journalist Wendell Smith (Andre Holland) played in Robinson's career and life. All the actors give fine performances. And Chadwick Boseman is fantastic in portraying Robinson's determination, anxiety, anger, athleticism and courage.

I also appreciated the scenes that touched on the cultural climate in the nation. Watch for what happens between a father and his son when Robinson is Read more

Worth the wait, time and money...Brilliant!

I have been following this movie for a while now. Largely because of the two main actors Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. Watched it in 3D (I have always strayed away from 3D before because I just didn't think it was worth spending the extra cash) but this time I do not regret my choice at all. It was a visual feast.

Action was on point. The story flowed well (this is a blockbuster after all, we aren't going to compare it to an art house film). For me the actors embraced their roles very well and the visuals were magnificent (thank god once again for the 3D). Everything just felt right!

Being familiar with Guillermo's past work I would say this is his best yet. His imagination is wicked. So if you are looking for great entertainment and a little something to wow you, this is the movie for you Read more

An Action Adventure Film With a Patriotic Theme

The film Olympus Has Fallen (2013) will appeal to people interested in watching high energy action films with traditional heroic figures and a significant level of suspense. It will provide nearly two hours of entertainment in a format which fills the classic plot structure for an engaging action drama. Tension escalates until the very end.

Although too violent for a young audience, and probably unnecessarily graphic in some scenes, the production depicts the patriotism and sacrifices of ordinary Americans in a favorable light. It also reinforces the importance of individualism as a driving force in preserving and maintaining liberty.

Although the film could rightfully be criticized for portraying good and evil in purely nationalistic terms, it does perhaps accurately capture many elements which may render political fanaticism dangerous: a callous disregard for human life, overt materialism, the elevation of ideology above the Golden Rule and ruthlessness.

One thing is certain: the audience will root for the hero in this film...The valiant Secret Service agent struggling against tremendous odds to perform his job in not an anti-heroic figure, but a character worthy of respect. And his opponent, equally masterful, (and also depicted by a talented actor) personifies the evils of overriding fanaticism. Action in the film springs from character Read more

A super natural haunted house sequel

In 2010's insidious Acclaimed horror duo James Wan And Leigh Whannell, creators of the SAW franchise unleashed upon us a terrifying take on the haunted house movie. Insidious, told the story of a family plagued by unwanted visitors, The Supernatural Kind.

Fast forward to 2013 and now we have Insidious Chapter 2. The Lambert family have now moved from the house and moved on from all the experiences they had in it. Josh, Renai and their three children are all safe, and safe with Josh's Mom.

The story starts with a young Josh and explains how he has the gift for astral projection, which with the help of Elise, he eventually suppresses this and forgets about his gift. Just when the family think they are safe and their horror has passed them, things begin to go bump in the night. But this time its not little Dalton who's in trouble, its Josh himself. Renai and new character, Carl get help for Josh after they both sense theirs something not quite right about him. They set out to free Josh and the family from the evil that haunts them. Told through a series of story strands its interesting to see the direction the Duo have taken with this and everything builds on top of each other to create an interesting narrative which combines the best of the first film and expands on the story of the first one and the women in black from the photos, its interesting to see the character development portrayed. Combining the best elements from The Shining, Poltergeist and Psycho proves to be a successful formula and nothing seems forced or contrived here.

Tying in perfectly with the first one, I found myself shocked at some of the twists and how it tied perfectly into the first film. If you are expecting edge of your seat scares then this film will disappoint you. The jump scares are effect due to the camera work by James Wan. The ending leaves the door open for a sequel, it will be interesting to see where the series will go now Wan has bowed out from the Horror Genre, if this is his final swan song for the genre then he has done a phenomenal job and can bow out gracefully. Read more